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Worship OUT - being in the world
Romans 12:14-21. Jesus does not just set us in any family: he sets us in a family on mission as ambassadors for the Kingdom. This goes far beyond evangelism.
Date Recorded: 21/02/2021

Worship IN - being a family
Romans 12:3-13. Jesus sets us in a new family more important than blood family. What is the biblical vision for the church, and how does that hang together with the Up dimension of the Christian life?
Date Recorded: 14/02/2021

Worship UP - being with God
Romans 12:1-2. True and proper worship is to offer all that we are to our Father through Jesus. This is more than just singing on a Sunday and doing good work during the week; it is rooting our identity in him.
Date Recorded: 07/02/2021

Rooted in community
Hebrews 10:19-25 & Mark 1: 21-28. When we came to faith, the Lord set us in community as he did with his earliest disciples, and we need one another to live a fully committed and supported Christian life.
Date Recorded: 31/01/2021

Rooted in the quiet place
Matthew 6:1–8. Prayer and praxis where it is not seen not only shows the true quality of our piety, it is also the powerhouse of our piety.
Date Recorded: 24/01/2021

Rooted in scripture
John 5:31–40. The central point here is verse 39. All the scriptures testify about the person and work of Jesus Christ.
Date Recorded: 17/01/2021

Rooted in the Lord
Jeremiah 17:5–10. The temptation always is to trust in our own heart and ability, but we need to sink our roots in the person of God himself.
Date Recorded: 10/01/2021

Into deep water
Luke 5:1-11. "Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch" (Luke 5:4) is our motto text for this year, and this service we unpack the passage and rededicate ourselves to the Lord's service for the year.
Date Recorded: 03/01/2021

Luke 2:22-35. Simeon in a way is the odd one out among our characters, because he spent his life patiently waiting for God's plan to be revealed, rather than bring his own plans to bear. But did even he expect the salvation (NIV: consolation) of Israel to be this tiny person he now holds in his arms? "My eyes have seen your salvation." Jesus brings hope and joy to those who wait.
Date Recorded: 27/12/2020

The shepherds
Luke 2:8-20. You would expect the birth of a King to be announced in the palaces, temples, and corridors of power; but this, too, is a box God intends to break out of. The birth is announced to shepherds in a field.
Date Recorded: 25/12/2020