Light Party

We were delighted to have a varied collection of grown-ups and ‘growing-ups’ (from ‘months’ to 80+) in church for our first Light Party, including around 30 children; a good mix of our Family Praise and Sunday regulars. We had wanted a celebration of “Jesus, the Light of the World” to take place and this all-age gathering certainly entered into the spirit of things!

There were activities for ‘early arrivers’, a short introduction with singing (‘This Little Light of Mine’), a dvd to join in with (‘I am the Light of the World’ as in the picture below) and a prayer before the children went into the hall for games.

Face painting was available throughout the event and, during the games time, grown-ups were challenged to list as many words containing ‘LIGHT’ as they could think of (one list contained over 40!).

Once back in the Sanctuary there was a hive of activity with small lighthouses, tea light candle holders and cardboard candles being made.

One family accepted the ‘Big Lighthouse Challenge’ to construct a lighthouse out of large cardboard boxes, paper, tape and clear film (below right). The result was over 8 feet tall!

Next was our closing praise time with a short talk showing that Jesus is a light shining in the darkness; is a warning light (like a lighthouse); a guiding light (like runway lights at an airport) and a welcoming, attractive light (like the lights in house windows on a cold, dark night). He is the best Light for all of us and He never goes out.

With all the lighthouses lit, we sang “My Lighthouse … You will carry me safe to shore” before having the lovely food that was waiting for us.

Thank you to all who came along and all who helped in so many ways, and praise to the “Light that shines in the darkness.”

Laura Kisby