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Tree of Light
with and Rev James Church and Leamington Spa Baptist Church Choir

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Christingle Family Praise
Saturday 8th December - 4pm

Little Stars Playgroup
Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association
Making a Christingle

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Quiz Night for Tearfund
We took part in the The Big Quiz Night

Saturday 17th November
Hundreds of Churches - Thousands of People - One Big Quiz

Biggest multi-venue national quiz ever.
The evening raised £165.80 which will help transform the lives of people living poverty.
For more information visit

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Follow The Star
The annual Follow the Star event, which attracts hundreds of people, was held on December 1st at 12 noon in Christchurch Gardens, Leamington Spa.

It is a Christmas community outdoor event organised by Rev. Anthony Orr and members and friends of Leamington Spa Baptist Church. It lasts for about 35 minutes. It is supported by Warwick District Council and the attendees include: the chairman of Warwick District Council, Mayor, Chris White (president of Warwickshire College) and the president of Rotary.

The music and carols were led by The Royal Spa Brass Band.

Telford Junior School, Clapham Terrace Primary School, Fit 2 Dance and 1st Leamington Spa Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association

The Rotary Club were stewarding.

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Light Party
We were delighted to have a varied collection of grown-ups and ‘growing-ups’ (from ‘months’ to 80+) in church for our first Light Party, including around 30 children; a good mix of our Family Praise and Sunday regulars. We had wanted a celebration of “Jesus, the Light of the World” to take place and this all-age gathering certainly entered into the spirit of things!

There were activities for ‘early arrivers’, a short introduction with singing (‘This Little Light of Mine’), a dvd to join in with (‘I am the Light of the World’ as in the picture below) and a prayer before the children went into the hall for games.

Face painting was available throughout the event and, during the games time, grown-ups were challenged to list as many words containing ‘LIGHT’ as they could think of (one list contained over 40!).

Once back in the Sanctuary there was a hive of activity with small lighthouses, tea light candle holders and cardboard candles being made.

One family accepted the ‘Big Lighthouse Challenge’ to construct a lighthouse out of large cardboard boxes, paper, tape and clear film (below right). The result was over 8 feet tall!

Next was our closing praise time with a short talk showing that Jesus is a light shining in the darkness; is a warning light (like a lighthouse); a guiding light (like runway lights at an airport) and a welcoming, attractive light (like the lights in house windows on a cold, dark night). He is the best Light for all of us and He never goes out.

With all the lighthouses lit, we sang “My Lighthouse … You will carry me safe to shore” before having the lovely food that was waiting for us.

Thank you to all who came along and all who helped in so many ways, and praise to the “Light that shines in the darkness.”

Laura Kisby

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Operation Christmas Child 2018
We packed 140 shoeboxes

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Harvest Life's First Cry
Donations of £1,059 were made to BMS Life's First Cry. Thousands of babies in Afghanistan struggle to survive.

Food Donations to the Nightshelter and Foodbank.

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Strawberry Cream Tea
Strawberry Cream Tea raising postage for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox postage

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Family Sunday
Family Sunday

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Brainbusters Quiz Night
Brainbusters Quiz Night

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Food4Thought April
Food4Thought April
Gareth Davies-Jones

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Pancake Praise
Family Pancake Praise – Saturday 10th February 2018
What do you do when you’re only 3 and are taken into this huge space? You see your Little Stars leader, a tunnel to crawl through and stepping stones to walk on. All is well - happy little person and all the family can relax! So began our Pancake Praise: an hour of things to do for all the family, topped and tailed by short sessions of worship.

90 people of all ages came along and ‘a good time was had by all’ with activities including craft (decorating a paper pancake), writing or drawing prayers on a pancake (paper plate!), making real pancakes over a tea light, and pancake races up and down the centre aisle of the church sanctuary. That’s where the tunnels, stepping stones and hoops came in!

In the service parts, Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association (BB/GA) members helped with some prayers and a reading and there was a talk by Rev Anthony Orr about ‘Finding Jesus’. After singing ‘All things bright and beautiful’ it was time for the pancakes!
Over 200 pancakes were made on the premises and served hot with various toppings. Little Stars families provided cakes. During refreshments, the BB/GA band gave us a presentation of their drumming, bugling and glockenspiel playing.
Many thanks to everyone who came along and to the church team. Around 20 people were involved: from planning and publicity, setting up (and down), helping with activities, sorting out the sound, etc, through to washing up. Special thanks to Sara Rouse, Little Stars Pre-school Leader, who provided ideas, equipment and even got the Church Secretary going through a tunnel with a pancake on a plate, and to Marianne Orr who cooked all those pancakes!
Laura Kisby

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Food4Thought January
Our Speaker Gary Matthews, known to many as he was the church caretaker before going on to other Christian work. He has lead an interesting and inspiring life as the theme of his talk, A Treasure out of Darkness, shows. He is currently leading some very interesting projects in Leamington, to bring the gospel to a wider audience

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Quiz Night 2
Saturday 18th November 2017

Let's Get Quizzical!

We had 62 people taking part in the quiz and it was very close - the top three were separated by just two points! Everybody had a great time and we raised £100 for Helping Hands!

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Quiz Night
Saturday 10th June 2017

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Holiday Club
Holiday Club 2017

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